Thursday, May 14, 2015

Flats Challenge: Day 4

(I'm participating in the Dirty Diaper Flats Challenge for the week! Read about Day 1, Day 2, Day 3.)
All the necessities to go out and about while cloth diapering:

Flats/Covers. Depending on where I am going and what I am doing determines how many flats I take, obviously! I am usually way over prepared though and bring more than I'd ever need. I like to have them pre-folded so that I can change her quickly.

Wipes. I keep the wipes in a Huggies wipes bag just because it's cute and handy, and keep a little spray bottle of wipes solution in it. Then I just spray as needed!

Dry Bag. This bag is awesome (and cheap!) and I put all my wet/dirty diapers straight into it in my diaper bag. If it's poopy, I'll roll the diaper into itself to keep it from spreading to everything else in the bag just so that cleanup is easier once I get home. The wet bag keeps the wet and stink in, which is nice! I can also just wash it with my diapers.

Prefold for changing on. I have the folded up changing pad that came with the bag, but I like having cloth instead because it's not cold and I can wash it much easier!

Diaper bag. Obviously I need something to haul this stuff around in.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Flats Challenge: Day 3

(I'm participating in the Dirty Diaper Flats Challenge for the week! Read about Day 1 here, and Day 2 here.)
Last night was a rough one with a combination of Devin needing to nurse extra and her needing to poop but not being able to - the rough life of a three month old! I honestly didn't want to deal with putting a flat on her so I threw on a Bumgenius with a microfiber insert because I hadn't taken the time before bed to make a padded flat. I felt guilty for about half a second until I realized this challenge is about exploring new options and realizing that I can diaper with extremely basic resources, but it's also about making my cloth diaper experience better! So if I have to put on an easy BG at 2am, then so be it. I think I've made great progress, considering I wasn't even using cloth diapers a week ago and planned on using disposables at night!
I haven't used a disposable since Sunday and it feels great knowing I am doing good things for my baby, myself, and Mother Earth as a whole. There are so many comparisons in motherhood and I feel like many non-cloth diapering people think those that cloth diaper think they are better than others because of it, but much like delivering a baby medication free or breastfeeding, it goes way beyond that. I don't spend an extra hour of my day washing and folding things my daughter will take a poop in just so I can look down at a mom using disposables and say, "Neener, neener, I'm better than you because I touch my babies poop!" I do it because it feels right, it works with our lifestyle, and I have the privilege of taking the time to wash them, but that doesn't mean it's right for everyone.  The awesome thing about parenting is that there is such a variety of right ways to do something and it all comes down to what makes you and your family happy!

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Flats Challenge Day 2: My Stash

(I'm participating in the Dirty Diaper Flats Challenge for the week! Read about Day 1 here.)
My entire stash isn't pictured, one grovia (left pile) is waiting to be washed, one is on her, and some flats are waiting to be washed as well. There are some liners waiting to be washed and some pre folded into the flats already. I clearly didn't go the gender neutral route completely... ;)

My stash is basic. Very basic. I am a poor nursing student with a husband that has cut back on his hours at work because of a work-related injury, so we've been pinching pennies. (Oddly enough, my reason for cloth diapering wasn't money based, rather wanting to stay away from the chemicals and waste of disposable and most importantly - I can't stand the smell of disposables! Ha!)
A couple years ago when we were trying to get pregnant originally, I bought some cloth diapers on Craigslist because the deal was too good to pass up. I split some of them with a friend, and ended up with 5 Bumgenius one size pocket diapers with 5 regular and 5 newborn inserts (that I'm not using for this challenge) for $35. They are in really great condition so it was a steal!

Last week I bought 6 Grovia 2-in-1's from a lady through a Facebook group for $55 with 12 inserts (soakers and organic cotton ones - again, not using the inserts for this challenge). She didn't take care of them very well and the organic cotton ones are not absorbent AT ALL, so I've been working on stripping and sunning those! (A little harder to do without a real washer, but doable.)

As far as flats, I have two 5-packs of Walmart brand flour towel sacks that I got for $10. I line them with microfleece that I bought as 1/4 yard remnants from JoAnn's for $.77, and made about 20 liners. They are so soft and nice on my daughter's tushie! When I have her in the Grovia inserts by themselves, her bum gets a little red, so the extra microfleece layer really does make a difference.

For wipes I cut up a receiving blanket which was a gift, and make my own wipe solution that is very inexpensive.
So far I've been using the Grovia covers over the flats, but tonight I plan on folding the flats to use as an insert in the BG pocket diapers. We'll see how that goes! It's nice to have a diaper I can just trap and put on her at night instead of having the wrap the flat on her, then do the cover.

And that's it! We live in less than 400 square feet (with a husband and dog) so I'm not going to be one of those people that has 50+ diapers and a million inserts. I like to keep things simple! I have three Fuzzibunz coming in the mail that I ordered from their 50% off Mother's Day sale and I'd eventually like to get up to 18 covers just so I can rotate through them and have them last longer, but for now I'm happy where I am. The next few diapers I add will just be plain waterproof covers, which the Grovias are doing a great job of now, so I'm in no rush. If I decide to use flats more often (which is likely, I'm already noticing how much easier they are to wash and dry) I'll probably just buy more of the flour sack towels from Walmart so I have 20 or 30 towels.

So all in all my entire stash has cost me $100.77 which it what I'd normally spend on one month of disposable diapers! Not too shabby.

Flats Challenge

(I promise I will have 'real' posts up soon like her three month update (THREEEEE MONTHSSSS), but for now, something else to get me back in the blogging groove...)
Well, perfect timing. I've decided to use cloth diapers last week, came upon the simplicity of flats, and then realized there was a flats challenge starting today! It consists of only using flats and hand washing. So I am doing it.

I already hand wash my diapers (I've been using them for four days now) because I don't have a washer/dryer so it's not like this is a huge challenge for me, but whatever. It'll be a good challenge to try new folds and have an alternative to soaker pads at night!

I decided to try using flats because I read that they are easier to hand wash and dry super quickly, and also because they are dirt cheap. Cloth diapering can be REALLY expensive if you get carried away with it, but I want to do it as cheap as possible!

For those of you that have noooooo idea what I am talking about, here's a short explanation: the flats I am using are flour sack towels that are folded up with a microfleece liner to fit inside a waterproof cover. Literally towels straight from the kitchen department at Walmart for $1 a flat! There are many ways to fold up the flats depending on your babies shape/size. The benefit for me as a hand washer is that they don't take a million years to dry line my other inserts (up to 2 days!) so I don't have to have such a large stash of diapers (read: expensive) on hand while I wait for others to dry.

To wash my diapers, I have a WonderWash that I got a couple years ago to wash our regular clothes, and an electric spin dryer. I won't normally be using the spinner, but tonight I did end up using it to get water out because I was washing some soaker inserts from the day before, and I put WAY too much soap in that I just got today. I tried hand rinsing and wringing out the inserts but they just retained so much soap. So I threw everything into the spinner which got all the soapy water out, then rinsed again, and then I hand wrung the flats and diapers! But I did spin the soaker pads again or they would take like a week to dry. Tomorrow I'll only have flats to wash, though, so I'll be able to do everything by hand.

I'm over on instagram @iffyinklings if you want to follow along there!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

2 months.

Whaaaaaat, Devin can't be two months already! It makes my heart hurt. People always say time flies by when you're a parent and that you'll be surprised, but I'm not surprised. I knew going into it that time would fly by even faster, which almost makes it worse because I try and try to grasp onto things to slow them down. But alas, that is not possible.
2 days old
4 weeks.

So here we are, with a two month old baby that brings more joy than I ever thought possible. I believed everyone about time going faster, but I didn't believe everyone when they said it changes you in a way you can't even describe. I expected some change, but oh lord was I not prepared for what a positive light in my life this baby would be. She is amazing and her love makes everything in life so much less important. As Vince said, we'd rather have a glass of wine and watch her instead of TV!
1 week old
5 weeks
Devin started smiling a couple weeks ago and that send my heart SOARING. Like a kite flying 40 miles over the earth. It is so wonderful when she gives me a big smile, with her chunky cheeks almost closing her eyes because the smile is so big! Of course she smiled for Vince first. He keeps saying she loves me more now because of the whole boob thing, but I keep reminding him that when she's older, he will undoubtedly be her favorite. He plays with her in ways I would never think to do!
4 week appointment for my 'son'.
Last week.

At her two month check up that we had this past week (really 7 1/2 week checkup, but who's counting?) she had gained over 3 1/2 pounds since birth and was 10lbs2oz, and was in the 70th percentile for height at almost 23 inches! The nurse joked that momma was clearly feeding her well. That I am, all day and alllll night.
Hand conveniently hiding The Boob.

I've been avoiding putting away her newborn clothes that she hasn't fit in for a couple of weeks now. How is it possible that she's already way too big for them when it seems like we just brought her home in newborn clothes that were big on her?! That went by way too fast. There's some 3 month clothes that don't even fit her.
1 month. Those pec muscles have only gotten bigger.
Like 3 days old? She's gotten into a routine of falling asleep around 7:30ish swaddled up in her crib with the sound machine on, and sleeping until I bring her into bed with us around 10:30-11. That is the longest stretch she sleeps, and then continues to wake up every couple hours during the night to eat. People always comment about how it must suck to be up so much, but it really doesn't! Cosleeping makes it a million times easier since I can just side nurse and rest while she eats, or lay back propped up with a bunch of pillows. Plus, I love knowing that she is getting all the nourishment that she needs from me without having to wake up crying to summon me. I have no idea how moms get up to get their baby from a crib at night, feed them in a chair, burp them, put them back in the crib, then go to bed. No thanks!

I keep a little basket of supplies next to the bed to change her as well, so we never need to get out of bed. Super thankful we decided to splurge on a king sized bed instead of a queen. Our bed will be a family bed, indeed! (Her schedule was obviously thrown off when she got her vaccines, but hopefully we'll be back to the usual soon. Very very soon, please.)
Devin loves being wrapped up when we go places, and I love it as well. I said many times during my pregnancy that I couldn't wait to wear her, and it is definitely one of my favorite things. It's so great to have her close to me and see her look out at our world while we're doing things, or snuggle close to my chest to doze off while I shop.
Soon after it arrived around 4 weeks.
Roxi has adjusted well and likes to snuggle up in bed with us all night long. I halfway hate it because she always lays directly on my legs, but I halfway love that she just wants to be close to us. Sometimes I get frustrated and kick her out of bed and she'll just stand at the end of the bed, wait until I've adjusted myself, then climb back up and find a spot! Sometimes I'll wake up and see that she has cuddled up next to Devin and is resting her head next to Devin's feet. Again, heart soaring to the moon.
Yesterday at 8 weeks old.
Her reflux is pretty much nonexistent now that I'm doing the Dr. Sear's Elimination Diet! (Again, until She got a vaccine with egg that made it worse.) We've been able to add back enough foods (I'm up to maybe 20 foods I can eat?) that I can maybe branch away from eating the same thing for every meal, which is nice. She is still spitting up some, but I consider it normal baby spit up. No projectile spit up, no painful cries with it, etc. Her hiccups aren't as often which is really good since they keep her awake, but she has them every day still.
7ish weeks

Overall, I feel like everything has gone smoothly. I know we're only 8 weeks into this whole parenting thing, but we're both pretty confident that we're capable of raising an awesome little girl!
Weeks 1-8 left to right, top to bottom.